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Oral Health | Good Dental Habits Should Start Early

If you are a parent or a soon-to-be parent, you need to listen up. Oral health is imperative to your overall health and wellness. It is proven that, if you have oral health issues, your chances of developing other health problems is greater. While this is true for you, it is also true for your […]


Oral Hygiene | Do You Need to Brush Your Tongue?

What is the entire point of brushing your teeth? To remove the plaque and bacteria that causes gum disease and tooth decay, right? Keeping this in mind, brushing your tongue is critical in removing all of the bacteria and germs from your mouth. If you do not brush your tongue, you are skipping a large […]

Tooth Sensitivity

Oral Health | Sensitive Teeth – Part 3

Previously in our blog, we discussed 5 of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity. These causes included injury, tooth decay, and exposed dentin. Dentin is the inner portion of your tooth that is usually protected by your tooth enamel. However, if your enamel gets worn down, your dentin becomes exposed, and can cause you […]