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Complications of Severe Facial Injury

Have you ever noticed that one of our very first reactions to a possible accident is the immediate effort to shield our head and face? When someone throws a punch or if we get involved in an automotive accident, our arms and hands fly to our face in order to try to prevent ourselves from […]

how to treat clefts

Different Types of Facial Clefts

Orofacial clefts, likewise known as cleft lip or cleft palate, are one of the most usual birth abnormalities in the United States. Actually, it is estimated that about 2,650 infants are born with a cleft palate each year in the US, and about 4,440 are born with a cleft lip. A cleft happens during the […]

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Nearly 5 million Americans have had their wisdom teeth removed, resulting in a yearly expense of $3 billion. Are you one of the patients who has undergone this surgery? If so, your dentist more than likely removed them because they were disrupting the health of the rest of your teeth. Because our wisdom teeth are […]

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