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dentist in Olney MD reasons to visit the dentist

Dental Health | Reasons to Visit the Dentist

Dental exams and cleanings are not the only time you should see the dentist. Besides these routine trips to the dentist, if you notice any dental health problems, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Some common dental issues that warrant a trip to the dentist include: Issues with your […]

summer dental health dentist in Olney MD

Dental Health Tips for the Summer

Dealing with dental health issues any time is never a fun experience, but it can be even worse if these problems interrupt your summer plans. Here are a few things to remember this summer to keep your mouth healthy. Keep a Routine As the days get longer, you may find yourself staying out a little […]

dentist in Olney MD what is dental plaque

What is Dental Plaque?

Plaque is a commonly used word when discussing dental health. Even though most of us have heard of this word, there a lot of people that don’t really know what it is. Simply put, plaque is a film of sugar and bacteria that forms on our teeth throughout the day. In order to keep plaque […]

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