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Leukemia and enlarged gums

Case Report Finds Large Gums in Children with Leukemia

A case report that was published on Dentistry Today found that children with large gums were an indicator for several types of Leukemia (AML). Occasionally as a dentist, it can be hard to properly detect an individual’s medical issue based on what is simply taking place inside of their mouths. When looking for a medical […]

Conebeam 3d imaging technology

Reasons Why Olney Dental Center Uses CBCT 3D Technology

Even the most experienced general dentists can be taken aback by some of the abnormal anatomies we see within our patients. Today’s advances in technology, like CBCT 3D machines, makes those abnormal cases all the easier to deal with. When life is made easier, our patients are happier. What is a CBCT 3D machine? CBCT3D […]

Link between obesity and periodontal disease

A Relationship Has Been Identified Between Gum Disease & Obesity

A study performed at New York Medical College claims to have found a correlation between periodontitis and obesity. As explained by Nader G. Abraham, PhD, DrHC, one of the researchers and a professor of medicine and pharmacology, this is the first time that researchers have confirmation that the microbes in our mouths can affect our […]

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