Can a Dental professional do Anything for Headaches?

For those who suffer from headaches, they know that they can appear for all kinds of reasons and in varying degrees.

Luckily, more is being understood about exactly what triggers them and ways you can alleviate them. Hormones, odd signals from the brain, syndromes, and muscle function are just some of the sources.

Usually, treatment and prevention of headaches require a team of health practitioners consisting of dental professionals, physical therapists, physicians, and psychologists.

In the event that you struggle with headaches and have been treated unsuccessfully by medical doctors who have counted out any type of medical complications, you may want to think about discussing it with your dentist. They might be able to help you, or perhaps refer you to somebody who could.

A number of dental professionals are trained in managing jaw joint problems, many are practiced in dealing with headaches, and some select not to treat these conditions in their particular practices.

Headaches Olney, MD

Due to the fact that many headaches are actually triggered by long-term spasming of many of the jaw and neck muscles, specialty “night guards,” or bite splints, may be created in order to help give you comfort. Essentially, these variations of acrylic platforms provide a steady spot for the jaw to shut against, which does not let the jaw muscles contract with their highest force.

If you experience headaches, go over it with your dentist and your general practitioner. Chances are, there is actually some help accessible to you.

It has actually been assessed that about 80% of individuals clench and/or grind their teeth in their sleep—an ailment called Bruxism—and a number of these people get “tension headaches” associated with it.

Do you suffer from headaches?

If so, a visit to the dentist may be able to help alleviate your headaches. Feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Levine today!

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