Can You Fix a Tooth That’s Been Chipped?

There are quite a few different ways a person can chip their tooth. Is this a dental emergency? What’s the best course of action when you’ve chipped a tooth?

Well, the first action to take is to clean your mouth by rinsing with warm water. You should then bring down swelling by applying a cold compress to the face. And, for the most important step, call your dentist.

You have a few options for repairing a chipped tooth. One of our dentists at Olney Dental Center can recommend the best option. The following is a list of these options as well as a short explanation of what they involve.

Tooth Bonding

With a resin that matches the color of the tooth, your dentist carefully fills the chipped portion of the tooth. When the procedure is complete, the chipped tooth will be identical to the other teeth.

Tooth Reshaping

Your dentist will remove a modest amount of the chipped tooth’s enamel, and the surface will be smoothed, eliminating any sign that the anything ever happened. Tooth reshaping is used for minor chips. This method isn’t the best choice to treat significant damage.


Dental veneers are thin, strong shells which are adhered to the front of your tooth, covering the damaged area, improving the appearance and restoring the strength of the tooth. They have the benefit of adding an extra layer of protection to the tooth.

Dental Crowns

Crowns can hide the damage by covering the top of your tooth. Crowns are made to visibly and physically resemble real teeth. It is basically a cap in the shape of a tooth that is applied over the damaged tooth and defends the tooth it covers from any further trauma.

Curious to know how someone can break their tooth to begin with? Below is a list of the ways people chip their teeth.

  • Using water fountains
  • Undergoing intubation
  • Chipped in a car accident
  • Chewing on anything hard
  • As a side-effect of tooth decay
  • Opening something with their teeth
  • Bruxism

If you’ve chipped a tooth, you should call us at Olney Dental Center as soon as possible.

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