Oral Health | Improve Your Diet – Part 1 of 3

Hello everyone, welcome to the blog of Olney Dental Center and Eric D. Levine, DDS. Dr. Levine formed this blog in order to deliver valuable information about your oral and overall health. 

Dr. Levine recognizes how important your home care is to your oral health. Additionally, he wants everyone in the Olney, MD area to have a healthy and happy smile. Due to this, Dr. Levine will share information he believes will help you stay healthy in between your regular cleanings at Olney Dental Center.

Without further ado, Dr. Levine opens up a discussion about your dietary choices and how they can affect your oral and overall health. These choices will help you maintain good oral health when combined with proper brushing, flossing, and mouthwash habits.

Below, Dr. Levine lists a few foods that will benefit your oral health. 


Cheese is high in calcium, casein, and other phosphates. All of these things work to strengthen your teeth and enamel. What makes cheese even more beneficial for your oral health is that it is low in sugar and acids. 


Your saliva is one of the greatest natural defenses against oral health problems. Carrots actually help you produce more saliva by stimulating your salivary glands. Your saliva works to offset acids that are introduced by foods and beverages into your mouth.


Celery works in a similar way as carrots. That is, celery will help you create more saliva and eliminate dry mouth. Carrots and celery help you create more saliva because of how chewy and crunchy they are.

Next week, Dr. Levine will continue to discuss more foods that will benefit your oral health. If you want more information like the one provided in this post, keep up to date with our blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We will provide additional content on social media to improve your health.

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