Oral Health | Improve Your Diet – Part 2 of 3

Last week, we introduced our first blog topic: your dietary choices and how they can help, or hurt, your oral and overall health. Dr. Levine listed a few foods—cheese, carrots, and celery—that can help to improve your oral health. These foods work to improve your oral health by strengthening your teeth, helping with salivary production, and providing your teeth with key nutrients. 

This week, Dr. Levine will provide a few more foods, and one beverage, that can help to improve the health of your smile.


Pineapple helps to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Containing bromelain, pineapple will help your mouth break down the proteins that cause tooth decay and discoloration. So, not only will pineapple keep your teeth healthy, it will keep your teeth whiter.

Pears Olney MD

Listed in our previous post, carrots and celery help to improve your oral health by stimulating salivary flow. Pears are another great food choice that boosts your saliva. In addition to this, pears can also have a neutralizing effect on acids in your mouth.

Casein Olney Md

Want to consume more casein, calcium, and phosphates, but don’t like cheese? Yogurt could be a good alternative for you. 

Water Fluoridization

Now that you know several food options that boost your oral health, you may be wondering what beverage is best for your oral health. The answer to that question is tap water. Tap water is better than other types of water due to the fluoride present in the water. Water fluoridation is perfectly safe and is important in the fight against cavities. The American Medical Association, American Dental Association, and CDC all endorse water fluoridation

Make sure to stay tuned to our blog and social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) for more information like this. For our next article, Dr. Levine will discuss what dietary choices are the worst for your oral health. 

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