Oral Health | Sensitive Teeth – Part 1

Do you ever notice your teeth being sensitive when you bite something that is either really hot or really cold? This sensation may also come while drinking hot coffee or a smoothie! It is reported that almost half of all people in the United States deal with some form of tooth sensitivity. How serious a problem it is will vary from person to person. Sometimes, the discomfort is just short and will fade very quickly. Unfortunately, for others, the pain will last several hours at a time.

Tooth Sensitivity

As we stated above, the amount of pain, and how long the pain will last, will vary from case to case. Also, in some instances, sensitivity is managed with relative ease and will not cause a huge issue for the victim. For others, tooth sensitivity may be a sign of a more serious health condition or trauma.

If you experience a lot of tooth sensitivity, or think something is wrong with your oral health, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your dentist ASAP. Your dentist will offer many services that can help eliminate your sensitivity.

Remember: your overall health starts with your oral health! Your mouth is the most commonly used entry way to your body and offer germs and bacteria a place to get into your body and start wreaking havoc.

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