Oral Hygiene: How Can I Get My Child To Brush More?

In our previous article, Dr. Levine explored the importance of your child’s oral hygiene, and what role parents play in ensuring their child has a healthy mouth and teeth. Parents face many challenges in raising their children. One of the many challenges they face is getting their children to brush in a proper manner. 

Dr. Levine of Olney Dental Center in Olney, MD understands how difficult it can be to get children to exercise proper hygiene habits. Below, he offers several tips that might help you get your child to brush better.

Create a schedule

If you set up a schedule for your child to follow, chances are they will end up brushing more often. If your child knows that brushing is a part of their every day routine, and something that is scheduled, and not optional, they will brush more.  Additionally, after several weeks of following their schedule, brushing will become habitual to them.

Have a song for brushing time

Does your child have a song that they absolutely love? If you designate this song for when they brush, they will be more inclined to brush, knowing they get to hear it. Additionally, the song will make brushing more entertaining, and your child will end up brushing longer as a result.

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Get an electric brush

More than likely, your child loves anything that is “powered”. A manual toothbrush may seem boring to your child, whereas an electric brush will be more fun to use. In addition to being more fun for your child, an electric brush will also help to make up for poor form used when brushing.

Let your child choose their toothpaste

Oral Hygiene

Your child probably does not want to use a boring toothpaste like this one.

Your child does not get to make many decisions on their own. When they do get an opportunity to make a decision, they will take pride in their decision. If your child chooses their toothpaste, they will want to use their toothpaste more often, which means they will brush more often.

You can see what Colgate offers for children’s dental hygiene, here.

Are you concerned about your child’s oral hygiene?

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