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Dental exams and cleanings are not the only time you should see the dentist. Besides these routine trips to the dentist, if you notice any dental health problems, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

dentist in Olney MD reasons to visit the dentist

Some common dental issues that warrant a trip to the dentist include:

Issues with your gums
Bright red or bleeding gums are issues that should not be ignored. These symptoms may be a sign of gingivitis.

Dry Mouth
Is your mouth always dry? If so, you should speak to your dentist. Saliva helps keep our mouth clean and fights cavity-causing bacteria.

Sensitive Teeth
Does drinking a cold glass of water cause any sensitivity to your teeth? If you ever notice tooth sensitivity, contact your dentist. Sensitive teeth are a common issue that your dentist can help treat.

You should never ignore a painful tooth. Tooth pain may be a sign of other serious dental health issues.

Anything out of the ordinary
Trust us; you’re not bothering the dentist when you think there is an issue with your teeth or gums. Anything that doesn’t seem right should be addressed with your dentist.

For other common issues that should be checked out by your dentist, be sure to view this article by Mouth Healthy.

If you notice any dental issues, don’t ignore them. A lot of these problems are signs of other dental health issues that can become worse if not addressed. Feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Levine if there are any issues you would like to discuss.

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