Reasons Why Olney Dental Center Uses CBCT 3D Technology

Even the most experienced general dentists can be taken aback by some of the abnormal anatomies we see within our patients.

Today’s advances in technology, like CBCT 3D machines, makes those abnormal cases all the easier to deal with.

When life is made easier, our patients are happier.

What is a CBCT 3D machine?

CBCT3D machines are, in short, 3D X-ray imaging machines for teeth allowing a dentist to get the best view of the tooth they possibly can.

The use of CBCT 3D technology allows Dr. Levine to easily find canals he couldn’t previously see, catch hairline fractures he may not have noticed while examining a tooth, and even spot pulp stones that weren’t noticeable at first. The use of the 3D technology on this machine makes planning and efficiency a lot easier, making the dental care he can provide that much better for our patients.

Making endodontic treatment easier

CBCT 3D machines take a bunch of 2D radiographs that are then turned into a 3D set of data that allows the doctor to view the entirety of the tooth. With these machines, he can view the anatomy of a tooth on multiple planes such as the axial, sagittal, and the coronal giving him full control of endodontic planning for the best results one could hope for.

Making referrals easier

There are some cases where a general dentist might open up a patient’s tooth only to realize it’s a task that requires a specialist to fix. No patient wants to come in for a procedure only to find that they need to be referred to an endodontist partway through. Thanks to the 3D capabilities of CBCT machines, Dr. Levine will know if a referral to an endodontist is necessary without ever needing to go into the tooth.

In short: With a CBCT 3D machine, Dr. Levine can provide the best care for his patients as efficiently as possible. He can pre-plan, avoid wasted time, and make sure our patients are well looked after.

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