InvisalignAre your teeth crowded? Are you self-conscious of your smile? Do you wish that your teeth ”looked” better? Maybe Invisalign™ can help. Invisalign™ orthodontics consists of a series of clear, custom, plastic aligners or trays that gradually move your teeth into a better position.

The trays are worn for 20 hours a day and after a few weeks the trays are replaced by another set. This gradual movement insures a smooth transition as your teeth move from a crowded position into a more ideal alignment.

When your teeth are crowded, overlapped or have spacing between them, they are hard to keep clean. Poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontal disease and decay. Invisalign™ orthodontics cannot only improve the appearance of your smile, but can improve your dental health by making the cleaning of these problem areas easier.

Invisalign™ is also different from conventional metallic braces and wires because the aligners can be removed before meals and your teeth can be brushed and flossed without the interference of the wires. Better access reduces the risk of dental cavities in between your teeth. Invisalign™ is a conservative treatment to move your teeth into a better position that will improve your smile and your self-confidence. If you want a better smile, one that you are proud to show off, ask for a complimentary consult with Dr. Eric Levine.