PARTIAL & FULL DENTURESA partial denture is a removable appliance that replaces some of your teeth, but not all of them. This prosthesis is held in place either by clasps that fit around your natural teeth or by an implant post and custom attachment. A full denture is a complete replacement of all of your teeth in a particular arch. This prosthesis is closely fitted to the tissue and bone of your jaw and may be supported and retained by implant posts and custom attachments. Removable appliances do not stay in your mouth over night and need to be cleaned daily to prevent plaque build-up on the denture.

If you have either a partial or complete denture and you notice that it is not feeling secure in your mouth, you may need to have the appliance relined to improve the fit. Over time, the bone under your denture is changing, often times actually shrinking. Thus, a space develops between your appliance and the tissue in your mouth. Relining your denture, allows the tissue side of the appliance to be modified to fit on your gums more comfortably.

If your denture moves while you are chewing, causing irritation and embarrassment, you may be a candidate for an implant to support and retain your appliance. The shape of the bone in your mouth determines the stability of the appliance. Placing one or two implants in a jaw will support your denture and allow you to eat and chew more comfortably.