SEALANTSWant to help your children avoid dental decay? When the teeth are developing, tiny depressions and grooves form in the chewing surface. These pits and fissures are very difficult to clean because the bristles of the toothbrush often cannot reach to the bottom of them. Thus, this area becomes a place for plaque and tiny bits of food to collect. Dental decay is caused by this thin deposit of bacteria that produces the acid that attacks the enamel and leads to its breakdown.

A sealant is a shaded composite material that is applied to the chewing surfaces and bonds to the enamel to protect the tooth from the acid build-up. When the sealant is brushed on the chewing surface of the tooth, it penetrates into the pits and fissures of the tooth and hardens creating a protective coating over this area.

Fluoride also helps protect the tooth as it coats the entire tooth but it is less effective in the pits and sealants. Dr. Eric Levine will check your child’s sealants during their regular dental check-up to determine if reapplication is necessary.