Do I Really Need to Visit the Dentist Every Six Months?

With advancements in how your teeth are cared for and improved dental products, is it still necessary to see the dentist every six months?

Although dentistry has advanced, it is still recommended to schedule an appointment with your dentist every six months. These dental visits are not just for cleaning your teeth; there are other parts of a dental visit that you cannot do at home.

Many dental health issues, such as tooth decay, that are in the early stages may not even be noticeable. Your dentist will be able to spot these issues before they become even more of a problem. The earlier you treat an issue, the more manageable it is.

Fluoride is another part of the dental exam that you cannot do at home. Although we consume small amounts of fluoride throughout the day, the fluoride at the dentist’s office is much stronger and helps remineralize your teeth and protect them from cavities.

Dentist in Olney, MD dentist

Even though six months is recommended, there are some people that may want to visit the dentist even more often. Individuals that have had health issues in the past, such gum disease, should see the dentist more often. People with a weak immune system or those who are susceptible to plaque build-up may also want to speak with their dentist about how often they should schedule appointments.

If you are due for your six-month dental visit, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Levine in Olney, MD.

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