What Is My Dentist Looking For for During a Dental Exam?

Dental exams aren’t only about inspecting for any cavities. It’s recommended to have a dental exam two times a year because it’s important. Needless to say, dental exams are vital in ensuring your smile remains beautiful and for maintaining good oral health, but, in addition to that, these exams also check for health ailments that might not be strictly restricted to a person’s gums and teeth.

Regular dental checkups are used to look for a wide variety of ailments. This is particularly helpful as health problems are the easiest to treat with early detection. If not caught and treated early, some of these otherwise preventable ailments can cause major problems. But it isn’t only about your mouth, as some things your dentist observes help diagnose diseases elsewhere in your body.

Regular visits with your dentist can cut down on the risk of some diseases. Not having professional cleanings will cause the bacteria in your mouth to stick to your teeth, coating the surface of your teeth with a biofilm. This bacteria can get into your tissues and blood vessels, causing inflammation or disease in other parts of your body.

You may not know this, but your dentist might also help save you from a heart attack. According to research performed by the American Heart Association, those who do not get their regular teeth cleanings and exams have a 24% greater risk of suffering a heart attack and a 13% higher chance of a stroke than people who have routine dental exams. Dentists can also check for high blood pressure in their patients and refer them to a doctor.

Symptoms such as tooth erosion, or gums that are swollen or bleeding could indicate diseases including osteoporosis, eating disorders, or acid reflux. If you are suffering from periodontal disease, it may be an indicator you could have diabetes. A condition called oral thrush can indicate an issue like HIV, whereas Crohn’s disease might be indicated by ulcers in the mouth.

Additionally, checkups with a dentist look for risk factors for fatal diseases like oral cancer.

This is why your dentist appointments are so important.

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