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dental health and your diet Dentist in Olney MD

Junk Food and Bad Dental Health

Your overall health is linked to your dental health in a number of ways. Your diet is one of these ways, as it can have an impact on your dental health and overall health. When you consume large amounts of sugary foods and drinks it can result in the increased chances of tooth decay and […]

Teeth Whitening Olney, MD dentist

Foods and Beverages That Stain Your Teeth

Our patients commonly ask us how can they achieve a brighter, whiter smile. Typically if your teeth are mildly or severely discolored you will need a professional teeth whitening to get your teeth looking healthy. However, if you want to maintain the shine of your teeth and protect them from staining there are some options. […]

Diabetes Olney, MD dentist

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Oral Health?

Research has shown that individuals who suffer from diabetes have an increased risk of gum disease, on top of the other health issues include heart and kidney disease, and stroke. Chances of gum disease increase with diabetes, but more advanced forms of gum disease can actually continue the progression of diabetes. So how does having […]

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